Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jakob and his Bear Badge

This Past weekend Jakob had his Blue and Gold Ceremony. This is the end of the year ceremony for the Scouts where they get awards and receive their badges that they have earned. Jakob had a blast preparing for it and it was so much fun (and emotional) to see my little man up there receiving the recognition for all of the work he has put into Scouts this year. This troop has really been great to Jakob and often goes out of their way to make him feel included as he is the only member of his particular den. Next year he will be a WEBLO and to commemorate his beginning of this journey they held a special Arrow Ceremony where they broke the arrow and told him it symbolized the two year parts of his journey as a WEBLO and then when he completes that journey the arrow will be put back together. He is so proud of that broken arrow! I am going to use it to try and felt some wool roving together to have a hanger for his patches with the arrow as the dowel. He is going to be soo excited!
"Signs up!"

Jakob's Shield. He has "designed" his mark for when he becomes an inventor. DJ for Dr. Jakob.

The theme was Knights of the Round Table. The centerpieces were "Excalibur"
Can you tell the men did the decorating? Duct tape EVERYWHERE!

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